Life Insurance Awareness Month

Dispelling Misconceptions

Security Mutual Senior Vice President George Kozol was recently interviewed by NewsChannel 34 about Life Insurance Awareness Month, an educational campaign sponsored by the nonprofit organization Life Happens. George discussed some important points consumers may not realize about life insurance, including ways life insurance can be tailored to help meet their unique financial protection needs and goals.

A Myth Can Be a Millstone

by Candice Faith, CLU, ChFC
Assistant Vice President, Marketing

Are myths about life insurance holding you back from protecting your most important assets? See if what you have been led to believe aligns with any of these five life insurance myths.

It’s Inevitable

by Candice Faith, CLU, ChFC
Assistant Vice President, Marketing

We insure against events that we can exercise some control over preventing . . . accidents, theft, fire. We even insure our pets. So why do so many of us avoid insuring against that other inevitable event . . . death? The potential for financial AND emotional loss is incalculable.

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month: Are You Financially Fit?

This year, the LIFE Foundation has selected Danica Patrick, professional race car driver and athlete, as the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month. When it comes to fitness, Danica believes that taking care of yourself is all about your self-worth and focusing on your health, what you eat and your finances. According to Danica, “An important part of financial fitness is having a plan that includes life insurance.” Growing up, Danica saw the importance her family placed on life insurance protection. She realized that your family’s everyday life expenses don’t magically go away if something happens to you. “Life insurance is one of those things that you can completely customize to meet your needs and your ability to pay,” Danica said. Watch Danica’s video testimonial from Life Happens, a nonprofit organization, for her special message.

During Life Insurance Awareness Month, we encourage you to explore our website and to visit the LIFE Foundation’s website at to discover the many ways life insurance may help ensure your family’s financial security. Life insurance proceeds can fund many types of expenses, such as: paying funeral expenses, providing income for survivors, paying mortgages and other debts, creating an estate, payment of estate or inheritance taxes, providing a cash flow in retirement, paying for college, borrowing money/taking a policy loan, equalizing an inheritance, funding of business continuation plans, funding of charitable gifts and so much more.

Do you have enough life insurance coverage? Use our Life Insurance Analysis Calculator to help estimate how much coverage you may need and then contact your Security Mutual Life insurance advisor to review your current coverage. If you are in need of an insurance advisor, please use our Representative Locator to find an agent near you.