Officers and Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Bruce W. Boyea, EA, MAAA, MSPA

Chairman, President & CEO

Security Mutual Life

Willard N. Archie, CPA, MBA

CEO and Vice Chairman (Ret)

Mitchell & Titus, L.L.P.

Ray F. Barnard

Executive Vice President, Systems and Supply Chain

Fluor Corporation

Carson E. Beadle


Mercer, Inc.

Daryl R. Forsythe

Chairman of the Board

NBT Bancorp Inc.

Hugh A. Johnson, Jr.


Hugh Johnson Advisors LLC

Robert H. Linn

Managing Partner (Ret)

Ernst & Young, Syracuse Office

Alan C. Marcus


The Marcus Group, Inc.

Carol Baldwin Moody, J.D.


CAB Moody, LLC

James W. Orband, Esq.

Managing Partner

Hinman, Howard & Kattell, LLP

Thomas A. Pearson, MD, MPH, PhD

Executive Vice President for Research and Education

University of Florida Health and Science Center

Maria Ramirez

President & CEO

Maria Fiorini Ramirez, Inc., Global Economic Consulting Services


Bruce W. Boyea, EA, MAAA, MSPA

Chairman, President & CEO

F. David Mistretta, J.D., CLU, ChFC

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Marc D. Novotney, CLU, ChFC

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Paul B. Pheffer, MBA, CPA

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Scott A. Sylvester

Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Frederick L. Wortman, FLMI, CLU, RHU, ChFC, ACS, AIAA, REBC, AIRC, AAPA

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

James P. Conlon, CLU, ChFC

Senior Vice President, Agency

Daniel P. Foley, CLU

Senior Vice President, Marketing/Technology

Vincent J. Montelione, CPA, CLU, ChFC, ACS

Senior Vice President, ICS, Reinsurance, Claims and Customer Relations

Mark A. Walker, FSA, MAAA

Senior Vice President, Chief Actuary

Ronald W. Funk, CLU, FLMI

Vice President, Treasurer

Susan A. Inneo, J.D., CLU, ChFC, AIRC, ACS, ALMI

Vice President, Assistant General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Jeffrey M. Jacobs, J.D.

Vice President, Assistant General Counsel

Susan E. Mistretta, J.D., CLU, ChFC

Vice President, Associate General Counsel & Privacy Officer

Richard H. Shaw, J.D., LL.M., CLU, ChFC

Vice President, Retirement Planning & Tax Counsel

Joseph B. Sperduti, ACS

Vice President, Benefits Division, Service Operations

Christopher J. Walsh

Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer

Mary C. Ward

Vice President, Financial Operations

Heather H. Zebrowski, PHR

Vice President, Human Resources

Brian K. Clifford

Second Vice President, Individual Client Services

Gerri L. Corey, CPA

Second Vice President, Financial Reporting

Kellie M. Gehres, ACS, AIAA, AIRC, ALMI

Second Vice President, New Business & Underwriting Administration

Oliver T. Hicks

Second Vice President, Software Engineering

Laura Hunsinger, CLU

Second Vice President, Business Systems

Kennie Lee, FSA, MAAA

Second Vice President, Product Development & Actuary

Samson Lo, FSA, MAAA

Second Vice President, Actuary

Keith A. McQuaid

Second Vice President, Claims

Deborah A. Schafer, ACS, AIRC

Second Vice President, Underwriting

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