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Security Mutual Life has been recognized by leading insurance analysts for its sound investment policies and performance.

A.M. Best

Security Mutual’s Financial Condition and Operating Performance Rating: A- (Excellent)

A.M. Best assigns their “A-” (Excellent) rating to companies, which have, on balance, excellent financial strength, operating performance and market profile when compared to the standards they have established. A.M. Best feels these companies have an excellent ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders. The “A-” rating is fourth highest on A.M. Best’s 16-step rating scale (see below).

Security Mutual has been awarded the BestMark in recognition of its secure rating. This special emblem helps consumers recognize industry leaders at a glance and represents A.M. Best’s opinion of an insurer’s ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders.

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*A.M. Best rating is current as of the date of publication. Ratings reflect a rating agency’s opinion of a company’s financial strength and ability to meet its obligations to its policyholders. A rating is not a recommendation of a company or any specific policy form. A.M. Best’s”A-” (Excellent) rating is the fourth highest on a 16-step rating scale.Ratings are subject to change.

What the Ratings Mean

A number of independent rating services evaluate life insurance companies and render an opinion as to a specific company’s ability to fulfill its obligations to policyowners. Rating agencies such as A.M. Best annually assess subscribing companies’ financial strength and claims-paying abilities.

The ratings assigned are based on both quantitative as well as qualitative data. Key quantitative data includes, but is not limited to, capital adequacy, asset quality, profitability, liquidity and operating efficiency. Key qualitative factors include business strategy, strength of company products, distribution systems, competency of management and projections of future performance. After completing their analysis, the rating agency assigns a rating to the company reporting their opinion of the financial security characteristics of the organization. See below for the placement of the company’s rating in the hierarchy of rating categories.

When you are selecting a life insurance policy, these ratings can help you to compare the relative strengths of each insurance company under consideration. Bear in mind however, ratings do not tell the whole story about a company, reveal which companies provide the best returns, tell how good a company’s products are, guarantee an insurer’s financial strength or security, or offer comment on the quality and level of service provided.

Hierarchy of Rating Categories

Security Mutual's Rating

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