Retirement Planning

Planning For A Secure Retirement

Today, a majority of your retirement income will likely depend on your own resources. More retirees than ever before receive benefits from Social Security and employer-sponsored retirement plans, but the role of these two sources of income is expected to decline in the future. Many employers are cutting back on retirement benefits or are no longer offering pension plans.

But, with some advance planning you can make your retirement more comfortable and a first step toward this objective is to begin planning in earnest – today.

The professional life insurance representatives of Security Mutual Life can assist in the planning process. Together, you will determine how much income is needed to maintain your current lifestyle in retirement, typically between 67% and 90% of your pre-retirement income, and review and analyze the four primary sources of retirement income: Social Security, employer-sponsored pension plans, Individual Retirement Accounts and personal investments. If a gap exists between what is needed and what is available, then a plan can be formulated to help put your financial house in order.

Retirement planning is the only way to estimate the amount of money you will require in retirement in order to maintain your desired lifestyle. Starting early to plan for your retirement will make a big difference later on.

To get an idea of just how much money you would have to save, starting today, to retire at your desired comfort level, try out our retirement planner.

2008 is Always Lurking

by Candice Faith, CLU, ChFC
Assistant Vice President, Marketing

While investing in the stock market can prove successful, unfortunately, there may be another 2008 lurking in our future, causing the market to fall. Therefore, a life insurance policy with cash accumulation features is an asset that can help minimize the risk while offering other desirable features.

When Tea for Two Becomes Tea for One…

by Candice Faith, CLU, ChFC
Assistant Vice President, Marketing

We recognize that the cost of living is not going down. Yet, retirement plan distribution options often provide a smaller benefit to the surviving spouse. Even our Social Security benefits are reduced to the surviving spouse. So how can you help protect against loss of income?

Saving for Retirement

Self-employed? Saving for retirement can be complicated…how much to save, which plan to use, and how much flexibility you need. Let us provide you with a personal analysis to help you with your decision. This short video offers more information for you.

Start the retirement planning process today!

Social Security and Longevity Planning

Would you like to know how to maximize your social security retirement benefit? Well-informed retirees know that by delaying receipt of benefits, they can increase their monthly benefit payment by as much as 32 percent over what others may receive. This is only one of the many facts about social security that you need to be aware of. When to start benefits is a key question, and the answer varies based on individual circumstances. Take a few minutes to learn more about the intricacies of social security planning and how it fits into the overall plan for creating an income stream for one’s lifetime.

Start the retirement planning process today!