Security Mutual Announces 2019 Dividend Scale

Nov 19, 2018 | Company News

Making a Difference in the Lives We Touch

(Binghamton, NY  ●  November 19, 2018) The Security Mutual Board of Directors acted to continue the current 2018 dividend scale for 2019. This action reflects the Company’s financial strength, commitment to policyholders and strong operating performance throughout the past year.

Providing long-term value to policyholders is a fundamental philosophy guiding Company action. Our high-quality asset portfolio and investment strategies continue to be core Company strengths. We strive to help our policyholders reach their financial and long-term security goals despite these challenging economic times. Security Mutual is also pleased to report that the year 2019 will mark the 127th consecutive year it has paid dividends to policyholders.

If you are in need of planning assistance, be sure to contact us or your Security Mutual representative. 

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