Are You Financially Fit?

Sep 6, 2018 | Company News

(Binghamton, NY • September 6, 2018) This year, Life Happens®, a nonprofit organization, has selected Danica Patrick, former professional race car driver, as the spokesperson for Life Insurance Awareness Month®. Danica believes life insurance plays an important role in your financial fitness. “I think that you can enjoy life a little bit more when you have a little less to worry about,” Danica said.  “For me, this is where life insurance comes in…it’s one more thing that you can do to take burden off of you.” Watch Danica’s video testimonial to learn more.

During Life Insurance Awareness Month, we encourage you to explore our website and to visit the Life Happens website at https://www.lifehappens.org/ to discover the many ways life insurance may help ensure your family’s financial security. Life insurance proceeds can fund many types of expenses, such as: paying funeral expenses, providing income for survivors, paying mortgages and other debts, creating an estate, payment of estate or inheritance taxes, providing a cash flow in retirement, paying for college, borrowing money/taking a policy loan, equalizing an inheritance, funding of business continuation plans, funding of charitable gifts and so much more.

Do you have enough life insurance coverage? Use our Life Insurance Analysis Calculator to help estimate how much coverage you may need and then contact your Security Mutual Life insurance advisor to review your current coverage. If you are in need of an insurance advisor, please use our Representative Locator to find an advisor near you.

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