Making a Difference in the Lives We Touch

Security Mutual Life, one of the leading life insurance companies in the United States, provides competitive insurance products and services. The Company is known for its financial soundness, quality service, professional distributors, equitable treatment of policyholders, and dedication to planned personal and business financial security.

Our Mission

Since Security Mutual’s formation in 1886, our mission has been to provide sound, equitable and competitively priced insurance products to help protect people against the financial challenges resulting from death, disability and retirement. Maintaining the Company’s financial strength is of paramount importance to fulfilling this important mission.

Financial Strength Rating1

Our financial strength and ability to meet our obligations are recognized by the A.M. Best Company.

A.M. Best Rating is the fourth highest on a 16-step rating scale. A- (Excellent)


With more than 130 years of experience, Security Mutual has been helping protect families and businesses during periods of prosperity, as well as during wars and times of economic uncertainty. In addition, 2018 will mark the 126th consecutive year that Security Mutual has paid dividends to its policyholders.2

The Company’s strong performance represents the cumulative effect of many steps taken over time. We continue to work to effectively position the Company to prosper and grow today and in the future.

Policyholder Value

With the priority emphasis on financial strength and asset quality, we continue to focus on long-term policyholder value in our strategic plans and corporate operations.

Asset Quality

Security Mutual maintains a conservative investment philosophy. The investments of the Company consist predominantly of high-quality, fixed-maturity, investment-grade securities.

In addition to our bond portfolio, we also have a commercial mortgage portfolio of $197.2 million secured by high-quality real estate and representing 7.62% of the Company’s total invested assets as of December 31, 2017. We continue to maintain stringent commercial mortgage underwriting guidelines and monitoring procedures, which has resulted in favorable long-term credit experience.

The investment operations are monitored and approved by the Company’s Board of Directors.

2017 Bond Portfolio Quality

Total Bonds as of 12/31/17 (000s) $1,939,419
99.3% Investment Grade

Invested Assets

As of 12/31/17 (000s)
Cash & Short Term
$     36,200
1.40 %
74.90 %
7.62 %
Policy Loans
15.19 %
Stocks (non-public)
0.05 %
Real Estate
0.38 %
0.46 %
100.00 %

Non-investment grade assets as a percentage of invested assets were 0.53%, well below reported industry averages.

1A.M. Best rating is current as of the date of publication. Ratings reflect a rating agency’s opinion of a company’s financial strength and ability to meet its obligations to policyholders. A rating is not a recommendation of a company or any specific policy form. A.M. Best’s “A-” (Excellent) rating is the fourth highest on a 16-step rating scale. Ratings are subject to change. For further information about Security Mutual’s ratings, please click here.

2The payment of dividends is not guaranteed, and the amount credited, if any, will rise and fall depending on experience factors such as investment income, taxes, mortality and expenses.