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An In-Depth Case Study on Social Security Taxation

  by William F. Rainaldi, CFP® Regional Vice President When you take a serious look at the nuts and bolts of Social Security taxation, the results are staggering. And so is the amount of money you...

Whole Life is the “Smartphone” of Financial Products

by William F. Rainaldi, CFP® Regional Vice President Things are a little bit different than they were when we were younger, and I think the smartphone is a perfect symbol of that. Think About It...

“Long John Daly”—It’s All About the Distance!

(Binghamton, NY  •  July 23, 2018)  On August 16, PGA TOUR Champions “Long John Daly” will share his views on the game of golf and the game of life at a complimentary program being presented by...

The Underappreciated Insurance Industry

Imagine a world without insurance. You pay out-of-pocket the full cost for every car accident. You replace—out-of-pocket—the full cost of rebuilding your home following a fire, a tornado or other natural disaster. Following the death of a spouse, you...

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Business Blooms in Downtown Binghamton

(Binghamton, NY • June 12, 2018) Binghamton Mayor Richard David today honored Security Mutual Life by proclaiming this week “Security Mutual Week” in Binghamton and raising Security Mutual’s corporate flag to fly alongside the city’s flag over Binghamton City Hall....

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Sock Out Cancer™ Goes Super

(Binghamton, NY • May 1, 2018) Since its formation last year, Sock Out Cancer™ has been helping financially distressed cancer patients throughout the Southern Tier. Beginning today, the program will also be helping one very special little boy and his family:...

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Security Mutual offers specific tools, products and solutions that can help our policyholders achieve the long-term financial security goals they have set for themselves, their families and their businesses.

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